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Day in and day out, I’m constantly taking on new and interesting projects that help me build my personal brand. From industry-related tasks to unusual and sporadic opportunities, each experience I’ve had has turned me into who I am today. Have a look at everything I’ve done, and send any questions my way.


Academic Experience



I have a great balance between industry-specific skills and soft skills, which means I have what it takes to do brilliant work and make a contribution to any team. If you’re interested in getting to know more about me, and the skills I possess, get in touch. I’d love to discuss with you all the tools, skills and more I can put to use for you.


I want to become the pragmatic strategist of investment innovation, the passionate communicator of ideas, and the eloquent negotiator of trust, hand-shaken to excellence.


All Aboard The Ripple Roller Coaster (04/01/2018)

It's been over 6 months since I was introduced to Ripple Labs. I've been researching cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin crazily hopped to $8,000. I began to wonder why these virtual mediums of exchange were doing so well; it was the hype of the decade and perhaps the century at large. Then, I began to look at all the forks that appeared as a result of Bitcoin's nature of technological disruption: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin etc. If you think about it, Bitcoin is how the Blockchain- the electronic ledger that records all the transactions being made across the globe- is being marketed. 

From this, I had initially deduced that the Blockchain is what's important, not the cryptocurrency. I thought wrong. They are equally as important because the Blockchain alone cannot create activity. That's the cryptocurrency's job as the medium of exchange; to optimally utilize the Blockchain within three overarching principles: Efficiency, Transparency, & Security. (In reality, there's more to it. Baby steps.)

When I got introduced to Ripple Labs and its XRP medium, I was baffled by how the centralized financial institutions were taking note of it. I thought, "How is Ripple creating this initial organizational hype as opposed to the general public?!" I was simultaneously very intrigued and skeptical of the XRP model. I began delving deeper into this corporation-friendly crypto...



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